What is Phonological Awareness?

Phonological Awareness is the awareness of all of the sounds of language. It is the ability to hear and distinguish sounds. This includes: recognising sounds, adding sounds, taking apart sounds and moving sounds around.

Why is Phonological Awareness Important?

  • Phonological awareness help children become prepared to learn how letters and sounds go together in words. This makes it easier for them to read and write.
  • Research shows that phonological awareness is the most powerful predictor of success in learning to read and spell. It has been found that 90% of students with poor literacy skills have poor phonological awareness.

Children who quickly come to understand the relationships between letters and phonemes, and who learn to use this information as an aid to identifying words in print, almost invariably become better readers than children who have difficulty acquiring these skills.” (Share & Stanovich, 1995)

Phonological Awareness Understood Workshop

This 90-minute workshop looks at the importance of phonological awareness skills, how to informally assess it and strategies to teach it in a fun, practical and multi-sensory way.