Are your pupils reading for meaning?

Inference Training – A Reading Comprehension Group Intervention is an evidence-based programme that will dramatically improve the ability of your pupils in Key Stages 2 & 3 to be able to read for meaning and enjoyment.

This programme, that has been described as ‘remarkable’ by Professor Greg Brooks in his study*, offers significant gains for pupils with weak comprehension skills.  The latest pupil impact data shows that most pupils made over 12 months’ gain in reading comprehension age in 12 weeks.

Your school can receive in-house or a one-day central training on how to implement this programme.
The training will help staff to:

  • Understand pupils’ barriers to reading comprehension
  • Carry out diagnostic conversations to gain insight into pupils’ approaches to reading
  • Develop strategies to help pupils improve reading comprehension
  • Understand how to deliver the group intervention using the provided resource file (includes 70+ texts)

In addition to the intervention programme, further training is available for the whole staff to learn how to integrate the approaches as part of their quality first teaching in the classroom.

* ‘What Works for Pupils with Literacy Difficulties’ – Greg Brooks, Emeritus Professor of Education, University of Sheffield. 2016